Gentoo Installation


  • Web server (Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd) with SSL enabled.
  • MariaDB or MySQL >= 5
  • PHP >= 5.6 <= 7.0
  • PHP modules
    • mysql
    • pdo
    • mcrypt
    • ldap (optional)
    • XML
    • SimpleXML
    • Curl
    • Json
    • GD
    • intl
  • The latest sysPass release

Packages installation

emerge --ask dev-db/mysql
emerge --ask www-servers/apache

USE="apache2 pdo curl simplexml xml zlib crypt gd intl json opcache"
emerge --ask dev-lang/php

If you want to use LDAP backend, you would need to compile PHP to support it:

USE="apache2 pdo curl ldap minimal simplexml xml zlib crypt gd intl json opcache"
emerge --ask dev-lang/php

At the following links there are more detailed documentation about how to install and configure these packages:

Apache configuration

You need to enable PHP module in Apache by modifying the variable APACHE2_OPTS and adding “-D PHP5” in the file /etc/conf.d/apache2:


We start and set auto-start for the Apache service:

rc-update add apached default
rc-service apache2 start

MySQL Configuration

You need to set MySQL root password:

emerge --config dev-db/mysql

We start and set auto-start for the MySQL service:

rc-update add mysql default
rc-service mysql start

We need to secure MySQL installation:


Directories and permissions configuration:

Create a directory for the application in the webserver root:

mkdir /var/www/localhost/syspass

Copy and unzip the sysPass archive in the newly created directory:

cp sysPass.tar.gz /var/www/localhost/syspass
cd /var/www/localhost/syspass
tar xzf syspass.tar.gz

Change the owner of ‘syspass/config’ directory. It should be the same user that the web server runs:

chown apache /var/www/localhost/syspass/config
chmod 750 /var/www/localhost/syspass/config

Create an change the backup directory owner:

mkdir var/www/localhost/syspass/backup
chown apache /var/www/localhost/syspass/backup

Environment configuration

Open the web browser and point to the URL:



Please, follow installer steps and after the successful finishing, you will be able to log into the application

To know how sysPass works, please see Application


It’s advisable to read the security recommendations on Security